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Industrial energy efficiency

Simplify your energy management and save up to 20% electricity on your energy bill.

DAZOQ Energy Intelligence

An all-in-one solution for industries, providing effortless energy management with the least capital intensive methods

Wireless sensors
Web based software
Energy advice

“To measure is to know, If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”      

-Lord William Thompson Kelvin

If measurement precedes improvement, we say the first step to energy efficiency is to fetch, analyse and visualise your energy consumption. 

Our energy data collection is handled with certified current transformers and energy meters that we attach to the processes of your choice. These are then connected to collection points, placed on top of your electrical centers. The data is sent from the collection point to the cloud for analysis and visualisation, which is finally presented to you and your employees on our energy platform.



Live energy consumption data
Comparative analyses
KPI monitoring
Idling losses

Peak load management
Impact assessment
Error reporting

Effective communication of energy targets
Improved energy culture
Increased profitability

Meet Our Team!

Sajid Athikkay

CEO & Co-founder

Dominic Francis

COO & Co-founder

Rickard Gadmar

Industry Advisor

Cristian Torrusio

Technical Advisor

Michael Kullberg

Product & CX Designer

Behnam Sani

Software Developer



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