Bixia begins cooperation with DAZOQ - helps companies improve energy efficiency

Increased electrification and the ongoing green energy transition place higher demands on maintaining the balance between electricity consumption and electricity production. The Linköping companies DAZOQ and the electricity company Bixia are therefore starting a collaboration to help companies and industries make their operations more energy efficient. Through their collaboration, they contribute to a sustainable and efficient energy future.

Energy monitoring company DAZOQ, a leader in energy monitoring technology for industries and businesses, helps customers optimize their energy use through a user-friendly and smart energy management system. Connected energy meters help industries and companies see the energy use of each machine, in real time.

The collaboration between the Linköping companies DAZOQ and Bixia represents a unique opportunity to benefit from specialized expertise in energy services and advanced energy measurement. By integrating DAZOQ's advanced energy usage monitoring technology with Bixia's extensive experience, a significant collaboration is created.

- It feels great to have started a collaboration with Bixia and that together in the region we are coming together to create value nationally. It is valuable for us to have Bixia as a distribution network as we have a synergy where DAZOQ's value proposition contributes to Bixia's long-term sustainability goals. Together we contribute to a more sustainable energy future, says Eva Vollmer, Head of Customer Success, at DAZOQ.

Optimized energy management

The flexibility market, which deals with managing and exploiting the variation in demand and production of electricity, is becoming increasingly important. If you, as a company, have the opportunity to temporarily reduce your power consumption in your business, you can become a flex supplier.

DAZOQ plays a key role by offering companies real-time data and the ability to automate processes to optimize energy use. Bixia works actively to promote increased energy efficiency in companies and has been involved in the support services market for several years.

By bringing together innovative solutions from both Bixia and DAZOQ, the value increases for customers who strive to reduce their electricity costs. The cooperation agreement, which entered into force on January 1, 2024, promotes sustainability, efficiency and innovation in the energy industry.

Bixia has been an active player in Svenska kraftnät's support service market, also known as the flex market, for several years. Through the collaboration with DAZOQ, our position is further strengthened. Our goal is to be the obvious partner for companies that want to streamline and lower their energy costs, and this will benefit both existing and potential customers, says Mattias Franzén, Key Account Manager at Bixia.

For more information, contact:

Mattias Franzén, Key Account Manager at Bixia
076 – 112 09 87,

Eva Vollmer, Head of Customer Success at DAZOQ
076 – 196 04 44,

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