A comprehensive solution for sustainable energy management

Energy is one of the most valuable resources in the world and is crucial for our economy, society, and environment. We need to carefully manage our energy consumption, and saving energy and optimizing its use are key components to successfully achieve our shared climate goals. Our driving force is to make energy efficiency accessible to all manufacturing industries. Understanding your energy consumption shouldn't be a complex process—it should be easy and inspiring to make a real difference. That's why we've developed DAZOQ Energy Intelligence, a comprehensive solution for industrial energy efficiency!

DAZOQ's wireless sensors can be installed in less than a minute. The software is entirely web-based, giving you easy and direct access to your unique energy data. Unnecessary energy thieves become a thing of the past! By visualizing energy consumption, you can manage and reduce your peak loads, thus reducing electricity consumption and costs!

This is included in our service DAZOQ Energy Intelligence.

1. Wireless sensors

Our connected energy meters collect real-time data at the machine level. The sensors are completely wireless and can be easily installed without unnecessary production downtime. We also provide humidity and temperature meters so that you can ensure the well-being of components as well as the entire facility. To measure is to know!

2. Web-based platform

Our intuitive platform visualizes energy consumption to create understanding and identify potential savings and costly processes. In DAZOQ EI, you can also set alarms for deviations and measure other important energy-related KPIs. We also offer an operator view so that everyone can access the information, promoting engagement and behavior change, reduced energy consumption, decreased peak load, and shifted consumption.

3. Energy advice

Energy advice is a service we offer to our clients who need help identifying energy savings. We analyze all measurement points and provide a detailed summary with improvement suggestions. We also calculate the cost impact of the proposed measures, making it easy for you to prioritize your energy efficiency efforts.

Niclas Rosberg - ETP Transmission
"It's great to see when a company takes into account its customers' preferences. I think DAZOQ is very attentive, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Installing sensors is relatively simple, but visualizing it in the way the platform does with clear images and graphs is more challenging. DAZOQ has succeeded in this, and it has saved me an incredible amount of time and energy."
Tommy Karlsson - Baetter
"The fantastic thing about the platform is that it's so visual. The feedback comes directly in the system, and it becomes more enjoyable for the electricians who see such clear graphs of what happens as soon as you make a change. It has also been positively received among the management team and managers because the savings are so clear, and we can see how to work with it."
Håkan Möller - Precifast
"I see energy consultancy as a very positive addition. It is easy to become blind to one's own problems and get stuck without seeing solutions. I believe that your energy experts can be of great help, and I will definitely continue with that service."
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Benefits of using DAZOQ EI

Tracking your energy consumption comes with many benefits. Without detailed measurement, we only get the aggregated consumption from the energy supplier's main meter and have to guess where the improvement opportunities lie. Measurement and visualization help industries make fact-based decisions and make it easy to set clear energy goals, facilitating decision-making and promoting the company's environmental image. With the help of our connected energy meters, you can manage your power usage, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, increase your business profitability, and achieve a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Starting today!

• Live energy consumption data
• Comparative analyses
• KPI monitoring
• Identify idle consumption

• Reduce peak loads
• Impact assessment
• Error reporting
• Benchmarking

• Effective communication of energy goals
• Improved energy culture
• Increased profitability

Simplify your energy management with DAZOQ. Install in less than a minute a save up to 20% electricity on your energy bill.

How do you start to become energy efficient with DAZOQ?

The installation doesn't require any production downtime. We work together with you to understand your specific needs and what you want to measure. We configure the system and provide you with the dashboard after you've installed the hardware with your electrician. The measurement can be up and running in just a few days! We have a close collaboration with our clients and hold an initial meeting where we go through the various features and how you can extract maximum value from the service.

Energy efficiency and optimizing energy usage are long-term solutions to achieve sustainability goals and reduce electricity costs. Real-time energy monitoring eliminates your guesses. In the system, you can easily detect deviations, leakages and other energy-related values that can be optimized.

DAZOQ system

Our unique features

eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and helps you achieve industrial energy optimization


Data of energy consumption at plant, process and machine level.


Live running energy data on plant, process and machine level. Ideal to identify peak load & energy waste during non-production hours.


Explore and compare your energy use over time through clear views of hours, days, weeks and months.


Track energy related KPIs such as energy use divided by production hours, produced units or turnover.


Integrate different loT sensors to DAZOQ Energy Intelligence, such as temparature & humidity sensors, main incomers and power generators.


Get notified when machines should be turned off or if anomalies arise.


Download your kW or kWh data and bring it to your preferred analytics software with ease.


Get reduction advice tailored for your industry directly from the DAZOQ Energy experts.

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