Diagram som visar hur energieffektiva maskiner är

New Feature in DAZOQ Energy Intelligence: Compare Machines with Energy-Related KPIs

We have launched a new feature that allows you to measure the energy efficiency of your machines through machine-level key performance indicators (KPIs). In DAZOQ Energy Intelligence, whether it's a specific process or a particular machine, you can now utilize KPI views that enable you to track and analyze energy-related metrics. 

In the KPI view, you have complete flexibility to choose which KPIs you want to use for the selected process or machine. You can relate energy consumption to anything from produced hours, produced units, revenue, or any other relevant metric. By having the ability to customize your KPI settings, you can focus on the specific aspects that are most crucial for your industry. 

By having better insights into machine behavior, you can make well-informed decisions and take actions that not only improve efficiency but also reduce overall energy consumption. Book a demo today to learn more about how your industry can become more energy-efficient.

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