DAZOQ launches automatic emission calculations

With the help of real-time machine-level energy measurement and DAZOQ's new CO₂ function, the environmental aspects of manufacturing can be directly integrated into the DAZOQ Energy Intelligence energy management system.

The new function for automatic emission calculations is based on the real-time data that is continuously collected using DAZOQ's wireless energy meter. Using an adaptive emission factor, this data is analyzed to calculate the resulting emissions of greenhouse gases and other environmentally impacting substances.

The advantages of the function are many:

  • Automation and efficiency: By automating the emission calculations, the need for manual data collection and calculation is reduced. It saves time and resources for the company and reduces the risk of human error.

  • Real-time information: Emission calculations in real time provide immediate insight into how production activities affect the environment. It makes it possible to take quick measures to reduce their emissions and optimize their operations to be more sustainable.

  • Better decision-making basis: With access to detailed data on energy consumption and emissions, companies can make more informed decisions about how to optimize their production to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining efficiency and profitability.

  • Environmental responsibility and compliance with regulations: By having an accurate picture of their emissions, companies can more easily comply with environmental legislation and regulations. This becomes increasingly important when new directives, such as CSRD, gradually includes more companies.

  • Increased competitiveness: By showing commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental emissions, the company can differentiate itself in the market and attract customers who value environmentally friendly corporate principles. It can also open up new business opportunities and partnerships with organizations that have similar sustainability goals, strengthening the company's position in the long term.

In summary, this new feature for automatic emissions calculations enables a more sustainable and responsible manufacturing process by integrating environmental aspects directly into production and giving companies the information they need to make smarter decisions and reduce their environmental impact.

DAZOQ helps companies increase their energy efficiency and sustainability through real-time machine-level energy monitoring. Through effective communication of savings potential, we can together contribute to a more cost-effective, resource-efficient and energy-efficient future. Contact us and we'll gladly tell you more.

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