Bild över en åker med vindkraftverk i bakgrunden

The electricity prices are turning around, but the uncertainty remains

The heat is approaching, and the cold winter is now just a distant memory. The strongly rising trend in electricity prices has reversed, and we have just begun to recover. But one should not assume that the weather will be beautiful just because the sun is shining - the uncertainty surrounding electricity prices is not yet over.

Last year, electricity prices reached record highs, and the winter has never felt so long and cold. Energy companies report that the system price increased by a whopping 128 percent on the Nord Pool Spot electricity exchange in 2022. Additionally, hydropower measured hourly prices as high as 7 SEK in December.

Although we probably have the worst electricity prices behind us, we still face uncertain factors that can have an impact. Weather conditions, the prevailing global situation, and Sweden's transition to renewable energy are three significant contributing factors. These factors can lead to power shortages and thus further pressurize electricity prices. och således pressa elpriset ytterligare.

Sweden has made significant progress in increasing the production of renewable energy, and according to Statistics Sweden (SCB), more than half of all electricity produced in Sweden comes from renewable sources. This transition is a necessary and positive development to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate the impact of climate change. 

At the same time, the transition to renewable energy is a crucial factor to consider when discussing the uncertainty of electricity prices. For example, the production of renewable energy is highly dependent on weather conditions, particularly when it comes to wind power and solar energy. Variations in wind strength and the availability of sunlight can lead to uneven energy production and potential fluctuations in electricity prices

As we approach the upcoming winter and the uncertainty that comes with it, it is important for industries to be well-prepared. By taking control of their energy consumption and implementing energy-saving measures, companies can reduce their vulnerabilities to price fluctuations and potential power shortages.

With DAZOQ's solution, you have the opportunity to gain control over your energy consumption and become more energy-efficient. This can be of great help in both secure and uncertain times. 

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