Energy efficiency

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to the process of optimizing and improving the use of energy. The goal is to reduce energy consumption without compromising the desired level of results. Energy efficiency aims to maximize the production or utility of a certain amount of energy. It involves making processes and systems more efficient so that less energy is wasted as a byproduct. Energy efficiency creates value for your business's profitability because the production output shouldn't suffer from reduced energy usage but rather be utilized more efficiently. Additionally, energy efficiency contributes to reduced climate and environmental impact while enhancing competitiveness. Read our Customer cases to see how DAZOQ EI has helped them towards an energy efficient future. 

Why energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency comes with many benefits on an individual level, organizational, and societal levels. Energy efficiency is an effective tool for reducing costs, minimizing environmental impact, and help the society with a secure energy supply. By identifying and eliminating unnecessary waste or inefficiencies in energy consumption, one can reduce overall energy consumption. Some key factors that energy efficiency helps with are: 

Economic savings

Energy efficiency reduces your energy costs. Research shows that there is a 25% electricity savings potential within the industrial sector. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is estimated that up to 20% of that potential can be achieved through simple energy efficiency measures, such as turning off machines when not in use. 

Reduced climat impact

The best kWh is the one not consumed. Energy efficiency leads to reduced energy consumption, resulting in decreased emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants When you make your business more energy-efficient, you also contribute to society and the overall electricity supply. There are instances throughout the day when the power grid can become overloaded. It's crucial to do your part so that everyone can have access to electricity. 

Improved production efficiency

In the industry, energy efficiency can lead to better resource utilization, increased productivity, and reduced production waste and emissions.

Do you want to know how we help industries become more energy efficient?

Are you interested in starting energy efficiency measures for your business but unsure how to begin? Book a 15-minute meeting with us, and we'll provide more information. Our clients have successfully saved 4,200,000 kWh by optimizing energy efficiency in their industries!

How does DAZOQ EI contribute to energy efficiency?

Reducing electricity costs with real-time monitoring

With the help of our wireless sensors , we measure energy consumption in real-time. Energy data is visualized in our platform, DAZOQ EI, where you can easily and comprehensively see the effects of making changes to the equipment you are monitoring. By identifying unnecessary energy waste and machines on standby, you can reduce your electricity costs by 10-20% through simple energy efficiency measures. 

Improves your sustainability profile

Through energy efficiency with DAZOQ EI, you enhance your sustainability profile. Even electricity has a climate impact, making the best electricity the one that doesn't need to be produced. With our DAZOQ EI system, you can easily export your energy data and showcase your energy efficiency efforts. With fact-based data, setting and tracking realistic sustainability and energy goals become more straightforward, simplifying sustainability reporting. By reducing energy waste, you decrease your carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to a more sustainable energy future.  

Increases the production efficiency

In DAZOQ EI, there is the opportunity to increase production efficiency by being more energy-efficient. In the systemyou can measure and track how much the machines are utilized for value-added activities through your energy consumption.Understand when and for how long the machines are in standby to identify potential production time. With the help of our machine availability feature, you can relate your energy usage to your production and optimize the machine's running time and capacity. This functionality allows you to analyze downtime and reduce idle periods.   

Make behavioral changes easy

When it comes to energy efficiency, it often involves simpler behavioral changes, but unfortunately, it's not always the easiest. With the help of DAZOQ EI and fact-based data, you can easily set alarms if a machine exceeds a certain value. The system also helps you establish new routines and maintain them over time. With visualization, you can see directly what happens if you turn off the machine or if you choose to let it run in standby. Does the ventilation need to be on during the night? Do you know if there are leaks in the compressor? Are all machines turned off during the weekend? DAZOQ helps you help your employees work in a more sustainable and energy-efficient way.

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