New alert feature out now

We have now launched a new alert feature that can enhance your opportunities to address energy thieves during the workday, as it can easily identify when a machine is not creating value. 

The new feature 'Span-alert' can identify when your equipment, for example, is in a standby mode, consuming unnecessary energy. With the alert, you can set an upper and lower limit and specify how long your equipment is allowed to remain in that range before receiving an email notification. 

You might know that a machine consumes between 1 – 3 kW when not in use, and if it remains unused for 15 minutes, it might as well be turned off. You can set 1 kW as the lower limit, 3 as the upper limit, and a 15-minute time limit to receive a notification when this occurs. Fast, smart, and convenient"

We aim to make it as easy as possible to discover energy savings. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve further or if you'd like to try out our new feature. Book a demo to know more about our new feature. 

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