Werinova saved 800 000 kWh/year


Energy-intensive production

Werinova operates in the plastics industry, specializing in technical molded products and multi-component injection molding. One of Werinova's key principles is 'saving the future,' and they aim to be at the forefront of reducing their environmental impact. Werinova wanted to monitor their energy consumption in real-time because of their energy-intensive production and to identify areas for improvement in order to contribute to a more sustainable world. DAZOQ's system was introduced, and Werinova's CEO, Jimmy Ågren, believed that the solution aligned with their vision of always striving to make a difference. "The system had exactly what we needed: The ability to monitor our energy consumption in real-time and understand how we can influence our energy usage." – Jimmy Ågren 


Uses DAZOQ EI to communicate with their customers

DAZOQ EI has helped Werinova gain an understanding of their production, allowing them to establish new routines, reduce their electricity consumption, and base their decisions on facts.. "The system clearly visualize the effects of adjustments. It has, among other things, assisted us in reducing our peak power consumption and optimizing the energy efficiency of our machines. We have now observed that an old hydraulic machine consumes 70% more power compared to a fully electronic one, 29 kW versus 7 kW. This helps us justify the purchase of new machines from both environmental and energy efficiency perspectives." – Jimmy Ågren.

They also use the system to communicate with their customers. Now, Werinova can see what the machines consume and cost per hour, allowing them to discuss pricing and environmental impact more clearly. "Now when we see how much power is being consumed and calculate CO2 emissions, we can consider it in our communication. It becomes so clear to customers what the material's impact is, and then we can also suggest alternative materials that we see have lower emissions." – Jimmy Ågren.


Have saved 800 000 kWh

With the help of DAZOQ EI, energy auditing, and a dedicated sustainability effort, Werinova has managed to reduce their energy consumption by 800,000 kWh per year. They have also observed a decrease in peak power usage by starting equipment at different times. Instead of activating both the heating elements for the cylinder and the oil pump simultaneously, they initiate the oil pump on all machines first, and after 30 minutes, they turn on the cylinder heating. This effectively eliminates the peak power demand, resulting in energy savings of 30-40 kW per machine.

Now that they have started to automate the startup times for all equipment, the machines are already heated when the operators arrive. This discovery has not only reduced peak power demands but has also enabled them to initiate production immediately upon arrival, leading to an even more efficient production. "We are very satisfied with how easy and user-friendly the system is for identifying potential savings." – Jimmy Ågren.


Continued measurement for ongoing improvements

Despite the fantastic energy efficiency work carried out by Werinova, Jimmy believes there is always more to be done. Werinova has just installed 13 new sensors to gain even better insight into their energy consumption, which will also help them start using energy-related KPIs and compare machines over time. Jimmy also sees the value in showcasing the system to operators to involve everyone in sustainable energy work and motivate the adoption of new work routines. The next step, now that they are monitoring the compressor's energy usage, is to conduct leak detection and determine how to take action.

"Of course, it's fun to identify the biggest energy culprits, but there's so much more to it. If we can save 1 kW on a machine, and that machine operates for 4,000 hours, it adds up in the long run. That's why I believe continuous monitoring is the only option for improving our work. Furthermore, the environment is hugely important to us at Werinova, where energy plays a significant role, and we will always actively continue our efforts in that regard." – Jimmy Ågren. 

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