What is sustainability?

Sustainability, according to the United Nations' definition, is 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.' It is a overarching principle that aims to balance economic, social, and environmental considerations to create long-term stability and well-being.

Sustainability has become a natural focus for many in recent years, involving decisions and actions that consider their impact on the environment, society, and the economy. It entails minimizing negative effects and maximizing positive contributions to these three areas. Sustainability is a central principle in various domains, and energy is one of them.

Why sustainability?

Sustainability is as crucial to implement in one's business strategy today as determining the necessary resources to achieve a specific goal. Working sustainably comes with numerous advantages and serves as a source of innovation and opportunities. Industries currently account for one-third of our carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden, with many exhibiting high energy consumption. It is vital that we take responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable world. Apart from the individual responsibility we bear, there are overarching reasons and benefits for prioritizing sustainability:

Economic benefits and long-term profitability

Hållbarhet blir automatiskt lönsamhet. Många hållbarhetsåtgärder kan leda till kostnadsbesparingar genom effektivare användning av resurser, minskat avfall och energieffektivitet. Detta skapar ekonomiska fördelar för företag och industrier. Krav på hållbarhet kommer från kunder, investerare och politiker. Att satsa på hållbarhet leder således till en mer stabil och lönsam verksamhet över tid.

Attractive employer and supplier

Sustainability is crucial for many when it comes to choosing a workplace or supplier. Many customers require sustainable practices and transparency in how sustainability is addressed. The higher the priority of sustainability, the greater the chance of strengthening your brand and becoming an attractive player in the market. Our client, Werinova, uses our service DAZOQ EI to calculate CO2 emissions at the article level. They also utilize DAZOQ EI to communicate the cost and impact of materials to their customers. Learn more

Regulatory requirements

Sustainability Reporting, CSRD, and ESG. The requirements for how companies report their sustainability efforts have become significantly stricter, emphasizing the importance of precision and honesty in communication. It is no longer just about reporting accurately; it also involves having achievable goals and strategies that genuinely make a difference. Currently, CSRD applies only to larger businesses, but by 2027, everyone will need to adhere to standards in their sustainability reporting. Läs mer om CSRD här!

Do you want to know more about how we help industries become more sustainable?

Are you interested in becoming more sustainable in your production? With the help of DAZOQ EI, you can calculate your CO2 emissions and optimize your operations for a more sustainable and stable energy market. Book a 15-minute meeting with us, and we'll provide more information.

How does DAZOQ EI contribute to a more sustainable energy market?

Energy efficiency for reduced CO2 emissions

For us, energy efficiency is a must. We need to manage the energy we have so that everyone can benefit from a secure and sustainable energy market. With our wireless plug-and-play sensors, we measure energy consumption in real-time and visualize it in DAZOQ EI. We aim to make energy monitoring both simple and educational to help you easily optimize energy use. Energy efficiency contributes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and more efficient resource utilization.

Help you with sustainability reports

With stricter requirements for sustainability reporting, it is crucial to have relevant and fact-based data that shows your sustainability efforts. DAZOQ EI helps streamline this reporting. By utilizing your energy data, you can more easily set goals and strategies to become more sustainable and work more efficiently with your resources. Energy data can be easily exported, allowing you to showcase to your employees, board members, and customers how you are working on energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Calculate and showcase your carbon dioxide emissions

With the help of DAZOQ EI, you can calculate your CO2 emissions at the article level using your emission factor based on the energy source you use. It helps you become more transparent and show your customers, investors, and the world that you are working honestly. Use your sustainability efforts in your communication and remember: Everyone is at different levels in their sustainability journey. The most important thing is to continually strive to work more sustainably, regardless of the operational level. 

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