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Laserkraft saved 520 000 kWh

Challenges & Goals

Energy efficiency was in the pipeline

Laserkraft in Bredaryd, specializing in sheet metal processing, learned about DAZOQ through the Almi project income 4.0, which focuses on digitalization within the industry. A system that monitors energy and can identify the most costly processes and the largest energy thiefs aligned perfectly with Laserkraft's vision to become even more energy-efficient and, thus, more sustainable. They wanted an easy and intuitive monitoring system, and among the solutions presented through the Almi project, DAZOQ felt like a natural choice due to its simple visualization and easy installation. 


"We can now have an accurate budget"

"The implementation of DAZOQ EI has provided an accurate picture of how much energy each individual machine consumes. In some cases, the measurements have shown that what we thought was consuming a lot of electricity actually wasn't, in this case, the 10 kW laser. "It only consumes half of what we budgeted for. Now we can budget correctly." - Mikael Norin. DAZOQ EI has also helped Laserkraft establish new routines, and they have chosen to switch to evening and night shifts for the 6 kW machines while also throttling them down between runs instead of leaving them on standby. Measurements taken at various points in production have also revealed unexpected data. "We have noticed that one of our compressors essentially runs on leakage; it consumes as much energy on the weekend as it does on a weekday. We have just conducted a leak detection operation." - Mikael Norin"

Results & Insights

Significant Savings

Laserkraft has achieved significant savings with the help of DAZOQ EI. Sealing leaks will offer savings opportunities of up to 140,000 kWh per year. "We have also reduced energy consumption on two of our larger laser machines by a total of 520,000 kWh/year by focusing on optimizing production time, which has increased utilization from about 55% to almost 100%. It's a tremendous saving that DAZOQ's system helped us discover." - Mikael Norin. Laserkraft has also chosen to involve the entire workforce in energy management by displaying real-time data in the room for daily reviews. Something we at DAZOQ believe has a significant impact on behavior change. "When you have clear and precise data on exactly how things are, it's much easier to motivate the entire production team to work toward common goals." - Mikael Norin."

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