Production efficiency

What does production efficiency mean?

Production efficiency is about maximizing your output with optimal use of resources, time, and materials. By improving processes, minimizing waste, and increasing productivity, one can achieve higher quality, faster deliveries, and lower production costs. In practice, production efficiency involves identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in production lines and workflows. This may include optimizing machine utilization, improving work methods, and implementing continuous improvements through the analysis of production data.

An efficient production process is not only crucial for increasing the company's profit and competitiveness but also plays a decisive role in meeting customers' demands and expectations. By focusing on production efficiency, industries can establish a stable foundation for growth and sustainability. When it comes to production efficiency in the industry, the conversation often revolves around OEE/TAK and Lean production.

Why production efficiency?

Efficient production process optimization is a strategic investment that provides numerous benefits for industries. Production efficiency, ranging from streamlining workflows to implementing new technology, has a direct impact on a company's profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability. The common goal is, of course, to be as efficient as possible with as few resources as possible. Production efficiency contributes to: 

Cost savings

According to studies, streamlining production processes has been shown to reduce production costs by up to 20-30%. By minimizing waste of raw materials and energy, industries can achieve significant cost savings.

Improved productivity

Optimized workflows and the use of monitoring and technology have the potential to increase productivity by over 30%. Higher productivity means that industries can produce more in less time, leading to increased sales and revenue.


Reduced resource consumption and energy efficiency lead to decreased environmental impact. Efficient production is a key component of industries' sustainability goals. 

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How does DAZOQ EI contribute to production efficiency?

Measurement of machine runtimes using the machine availability function

A significant portion of a machine's behavior can be analyzed through its energy consumption. Utilizing our machine availability function provides insights into the value-added portion of your runtime. With DAZOQ EI, you can comprehend when and for how long machines remain in standby, identifying potential production time. Did you know that nearly everyone believes they have an average machine utilization rate 15% higher than reality? This truly underscores the power of measuring and monitoring real-time data.

Efficiency enhancement through energy-related KPIs

In our DAZOQ EI system, you can establish energy-related KPIs. You can correlate your energy consumption with your production to identify opportunities for streamlining various processes. This makes it easy for you to determine if you have become more efficient and are utilizing your equipment in a more energy-efficient manner without reducing production; you might even have increased production?

Reduce your peak load and increase your efficiency

Using DAZOQ EI and our real-time measurement, you can easily observe your power peaks and gain insight into how to lower them. Identifying and reducing power peaks saves both costs and enhances efficiency. One of our clients, Werinova, lowered their power peaks by 40 kW/machine. This discovery has not only resulted in reduced costs but also increased efficiency. Now, they have started automating processes during startup, ensuring that the machines are already warmed up when operators arrive.  

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