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Simplify your energy management and save up to 20% electricity on your energy bill

Industries today account for one third of Sweden's electricity consumption. Energy efficiency is the most effective tool to influence price levels, reduce demand, and consequently lower the company's costs. With DAZOQ, you gain control over your energy consumption and can easily identify costly processes and unnecessary energy thieves. Our vision is a sustainable future for industries, and our solution monitors the energy of your machines 24/7. A smart watch for your energy usage!


 Our wireless sensors can be installed in less than one minute without any unnecessary stop in the production.


DAZOQ´s web-based platform visualizes realtime data where you can set larms and other energy related functions 


Our energy advisors are accessible for analyzing your energy data and come up with possible saving solutions. 

Today industries account for a third of Sweden's electricity use and with the increased demand, energy efficiency is the most effective tool to overcome prices and demands. With DAZOQ, you get full control over your energy consumption and can easily identify costly processes and unnecessary energy thieves. We strive for an energy-efficient future and with the help of our 24/7 energy monitoring solution we take the pulse of your machines.

Energy efficiency for companies and industries

Is a cloud-based energy management system that helps industries visualize, track and find possible energy saving solutions in real time. Our vision is to create a sustainable future for industries, through innovation. We have a competent team that helps your business towards a sustainable future by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time reducing your electricity costs with an easy and user-friendly energy management system.

Bild på kille som står vid en industimaskin och håller sin dator. I en symbol i bilden står det 103.947 Kwh.

Industrial energy efficiency for a sustainable future!

Vissa chansar. Andra vet.

It can be hart to know what it actually is that drains energy in your workplace and which processes and what machines that are most costly. With DAZOQ EI you get knowledge about every individual machines consumption and can reschedule and plan your production according to relevant data. With our cloud-based energy measuring device and intuitive platform, we help your company to get more energy efficient, reduce your energy bills and eliminate unnecessary power loads. We also have guidance as a part of our service.

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