The future of energy management

Smart, wireless, sustainable

Do you have high power fees? Curious about how your equipment contributes to your electricity consumption? Striving to enhance sustainability within your business? Want to stop guessing and start making fact-based decisions? We got you covered!

The future of energy management

Smart, wireless, sustainable

Do you have high power charges? Are you wondering where the electricity goes? Are you trying to increase sustainability in your business? Want to stop guessing and start making fact-based decisions? We got you covered.

Energy efficiency for companies and industries

Is a cloud-based energy monitoring system that helps industries and companies visualize, track and find possible savings potential in real time. We make industries and companies energy efficient and have a competent team that helps your business reduce its costs and carbon dioxide emissions. To measure is to know and in order to save energy you must first identify where it goes. With the help of energy monitoring and visualization in our user-friendly platform, we can succeed in creating a more sustainable energy management for companies and industries, every day!

Together with our fantastic customers
we make a real difference for a greener tomorrow!

DAZOQ EI has so far saved over 4,000,000 kWh, achieving significant savings and reduced electricity costs.

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Saved kWh
Ton of reduced carbon emissions

Energy efficiency

Energy monitoring for your industry for a sustainable energy future

We help companies and industries to become more energy-efficient by measuring real-time energy consumption at the machine level and visualizing it in our user-friendly platform, DAZOQ EI. Energy efficiency helps your business reduce electricity costs and base your decisions on facts. With our system, DAZOQ EI, you can

Production efficiency

Optimize and streamline your production

Having an efficient production is a common goal for most. With DAZOQ EI, you gain fact-based insights into your business's efficiency and the opportunity to influence it at every level. We understand that it's easy to fall into patterns and old habits. That's why we want to be an active part of shaping your decisions with facts. With DAZOQ EI, you can

A sustainable future

Start optimizing the energy efficiency of your industry or business to contribute to a greener tomorrow

To succeed in the green transition and achieve a fossil-free Sweden, we need to make a collective effort. With DAZOQ EI, industries and companies have the opportunity to make a positive impact on today's climate challenges. Our system provides you with insights into your energy usage in real-time, enabling better decision-making and efficient resource utilization. With DAZOQ EI, you can

A smartwatch
for your industry

Track your energy usage in real-time and
let facts lead to decisions, not your gut feeling

Get feedback immediately on what happens when you lower the pulse
or change the activity on your machines

Receive notifications if something unexpected occurs

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