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DAZOQ makes the industry aware of unnecessary energy consumption using IoT

DAZOQ aims to make industrial companies aware of how industries can fully utilize their machinery. With DAZOQ's energy monitoring system, industries can visualize, track, and identify real-time savings potential, where IoT plays a crucial role in the platform.

DAZOQ has created a cloud-based energy monitoring system that helps industries and companies visualize, track, and identify potential savings in real time. With wireless sensors that can be installed in minutes, energy consumption is measured at the machine level, visualizing all the data on their platform where IoT is prominent. Temperature sensors are connected to the platform to ensure that the working environment and the quality of components in the industries are maintained all the way to the customer.

"By utilizing measurement and digitization, we can improve the energy efficiency of our customers, something that goes hand in hand with our vision of creating a sustainable future for our industries through innovation," says Carolina Nilsson, Marketing Manager at DAZOQ.

Project Industry 4.0 together with Almi Jönköping

Currently, they are working on the project Industri 4.0, which is driven by Almi Jönköping. The project aims to promote digitalization in the industry and make companies aware of the potential within the subject, but also to help industries see the value in increasing the utilization of machinery and how it contributes to a sustainable future. So far, the project, along with several stakeholders, has successfully identified approximately 4 GWh of unnecessary energy consumption.

Develop IoT together with other members in IoT world

By joining IoT World,oT World DAZOQ sees significant opportunities to establish connections with others in the network and be part of showcasing the power of digitalization 

"We aim to contribute with attentive ears, actively listening and participating in events and other interesting gatherings. We truly believe that we can learn from each other and look forward to engaging in exciting dialogues and exploring potential collaborations that this membership can bring. It will also be fascinating to hear how, together, we can accelerate the adoption of IoT and contribute to a sustainable society through digitalization," concludes Carolina

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