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Startup DAZOQ helps Siemens Energy

DAZOQ was one of six startups that pitched at Väderstad in September for IndX 2022. They have now signed a contract with Siemens Energy in Finspång, who will help them find ways to save energy using wireless sensors and an innovative web-based platform.

During the IndX pitch day in September 2022, DAZOQ presented their product, a virtual energy management system that can monitor, provide feedback, and engage employees in current energy activities through communication. The cloud-based solution enables real-time visualization, energy tracking, and identification of energy-saving opportunities. This sparked interest from IndX partner company Siemens Energy AB, and shortly after, the collaboration between them began. 

Bild på Siemens industrilokal
The AM-workshop at Siemens Energy in Finspång.

DAZOQ and Siemens Energy are currently working together on a pilot project to locate energy thieves in Siemens Energy's state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing (AM) facility at the turbine factory in Finspång, using DAZOQ's "Energy Manager solution." This aligns with the AM facility's goal of being a place where new solutions are tested and demonstrated, enabling the world's transition from fossil to renewable energy. 

– We are driven by continuous improvement, whether it's products, work processes, or work environment. Energy consumption is a natural part of that work, says Petra Högström, operator at the AM workshop in Finspång. 

According to Siemens Energy, additive manufacturing, sometimes better known as 3D printing, has the unique potential to be a game-changer in terms of energy consumption for heavy industries.

Door opener for collaborations

Leonardo Zlatanovic, from DAZOQ, who is coordinating the project, is proud of his team's achievement. Fast and smooth communication from Siemens Energy enabled a quick and successful installation of their solution, he says:

– Not only did we get the opportunity to showcase our solution, but also to expand our network and find potential future collaborations. IndX allows startups to be seen and heard and reach out to large companies, says Leonardo. 

This is something they are grateful for and something they believe would have been much more difficult if they hadn't applied. 

"I think this is a step in the right direction for us. It proves that industrial companies need our solution to help locate the low-hanging fruits and save energy," says Leonardo. 

What happens next

Christina Skoglund, an environmental engineer at Siemens Energy in Finspång, is constantly looking for energy savings and energy efficiency improvements. She is currently working on several activities to gain more insights into how they use electricity and heat in their Swedish facilities and how to involve employees. There is more potential, she says.

"We are exploring how we can continue working with DAZOQ in other parts of our operations where there is an opportunity to visualize energy consumption." 

Mineta Galijasevic, working with business models and development at Siemens Energy in Finspång, has seen many interesting startups over the years through IndX. 

"It is very inspiring to see the result of our efforts and work. Finding and working with startups is crucial to keeping a large company like ours constantly on its toes," says Mineta.

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